D-app & Marketplace Function
All you need to know about the D-app & Marketplace Function.
Buy/Sell NFTs by $PSB or $PULV Users now can directly buy or sell their boxes on the Marketplace
  • To buy NFTs from our Marketplace, you need to own $PSB (listed on and Pancakeswap) or $PULV
  • For selling NFTs, you have more options. You can sell it in $PSB, $PULV
Purchase Mystery Boxes
There are three different levels of mystery boxes ( Normal Box, Epic Box, and Premium Box). Players will purchase mystery boxes directly on the Marketplace because this process is done on-chain.
The Normal, Epic boxes will be bought by $PULV, whereas to own Premium Box, users need to have an amount of $PSB. When opening Normal and Epic Boxes, players will have a chance to have Uncommon and Epic Items such as The Ladyโ€™s Handkerchief, Frontier Dawn, Viperโ€™s Kiss, and other Uncommon and Common Champions. Meanwhile, Premium Boxes bring the opportunity for its owners to possess Legendary Items such as Eagle Eye Neon, Chiyo,...
Note: The higher rarity of mystery boxes, the higher chance for players to possess rare champions and weapons. Hence, players will have a better earning chance in-game, which depends on the strength statistic of NFT items.
Deposit/Withdraw NFTs
To be displayed in the "Inventory" section in-game, NFTs need to be deposited from the Marketplace. On the contrary, once players want to sell NFTs on the Marketplace, they need to withdraw NFTs from the game.
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