In loot boxes with low drop-rate (loot boxes can be purchased from the store or earned via PvP)

  • Collecting Auction fee in the marketplace with the community: item or the sandboxes has been built.

  • They are collecting winning tax.

  • Selling sandboxes designed by the publisher to the players.

To own Champions and Weapons

โ€‹โ€‹Players can use $PULV to buy normal mystery boxes or spend $PSB for rare boxes, which help players get the premium items to have better-earning chances and the rewards from the game.

A number of playing turns for each NFT

Each NFT will have certain play2earn times when the turn ends, those items will not be able to be used to earn tokens and receive rewards, players need to buy new boxes to own new guns and champions or trade those items on the marketplace or refill energy for more earning matches.

Rewards for players

Players will receive amazing rewards for their participation in the game in the form of in-game NFTs or tokens. Make sure to stay active to get your hands on those!

Here is the reward mechanism:

In both game modes, each match will rank from top 1 to top 5 ( or from top 1 to top 4 for Battle Royale โ€“ 4 player case) and correspondingly the reward ratio from the prize pool.

In short, there are more upcoming exciting events and features that we are keeping on adding on. Stay tuned for the Test net launch this February! Thank you for always supporting us!

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