๐Ÿ‘ฅGame Participant Roles

Planet Sandboxโ€™s ecosystem will have different types of players, but all will have their own mechanism to benefit from the game.

  • Land Owners

Land Owners have the ultimate freedom to build and design their own territory. Not only that, you are also capable of determining the maps and game modes on your lands. Let your creativity run wild and create battlefields that attract a ton of players. The larger your participant counts, the more incomes you generate!

  • Shop Owners

If you are a Shop Owner, you can sell in-game consumables such as ammunition (for playersโ€™ guns), gasoline (for playersโ€™ vehicles) and earn great profits from the sales.

  • Warriors/ Players

For individuals with a limited initial investment, you can join the game as a warrior, participate in PvE/ PvP game modes, and beat other opponents to receive rewards! You can also receive game incentives through the quest system, leaderboard, daily logins, and loot boxes.

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