Object Parts and Customization

When the player first acquires an object from a loot box, it is called a base object.

A base object has basic stats but the player can customize it (adding/ removing parts) to increase those stats. For example, a rifle has an attack stat of 27, but installing a special magazine can increase the attack to 60.

The player can acquire the customized parts from the loot boxes or by purchasing from other players.

โ— Each part will have a specification of what object category it can be used for and one part can be used in multiple categories.

โ— Parts have their own stats, as in the above example, the magazine has a +33 atk, so attaching it to a 27 attack rifle will increase the atk stat to 60.

โ— One part can have more than one stat, the more stats it has, the rarer the part.

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