๐Ÿ“‘Market Positioning

The demand for NFT continues to surge, and the NFT market is showing no sign of slowing down. The combined market cap of 6 significant gaming NFT projects has increased by 1,625%, reaching a total capitalization of more than 3.2 million USD in less than three months.

A survey from March 2020 revealed that gamers in the U.S spent 45% more time playing video games during the quarantine. PlanetSandbox believes that the Play-To-Earn model is opening a new window of a solution to ease the hardship brought upon by the pandemic.

Since most NFTs on the market are click to earn models, PlanetSandbox is a promising project that brings players a brand new experience in the NFT game. Here you can participate in a vast range of intense game mode matches. Have you ever played Fortnite or PUBG? Try PSB, a similar but monetizable NFT game on the blockchain platform โ€“ The next evolution of Play to Earn.

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