PvE Co-op Mode

Co-op with other players to fight against bosses, or join in intriguing game modes. There will be many more exciting and monetizable game modes in the future.

a) Zombie: Co-op with other players to fight against hordes of the zombie invasion.

b) Red Light - Green Light (Squid Game): Red Light โ€“ Green Light in Squid Game has become viral in 2021 and inspired the PSB team to create a new exciting game mode that allows players to experience these thrills and spills moments. This game mode will be released soon.

c) Props hunt: Another intriguing game mode in which players become props or hunters. The props are disguised as objects around the map and merge with the environment. The props are trying to hide from the hunters and avoid death. Hunters win the round if all props are killed, and props win if the time runs out or all hunters die.

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