• Because people who own land are also owners of a passive money-making business model, and have the ability to build the world. So the number of lands is finite, which will be a small percentage of the entire Planet Sandbox player base.
  • However, there will still be a release of new lands later. opening up opportunities for Planet Sandbox community when the amount of land is too limited and the price is high after a period of time in the market. The number of new lands is not only different in scenery but also has many very special environmental properties. (e.g. on another planet, gravity changes)

Build object:

  • Can be changed by land and game mode.

Game Mode:

  • The Game mode is added periodically, based on governance token ($PSB). The latest game mode released in Q4 2021 is survival. But there will be more ideas from the community (Prop hunt, Imposter, Squid game ...) ⁃ In addition to PvP, there is also PvE when players have Co-op cards to overcome in-game challenges or defeat NPCs