Tranquility Before Chaos

It all begins with a powerful yet catastrophic rare mineral โ€” Paragon.

In the year 2504, humanity was finally able to extract a powerful mineral: Paragon. This robust material can generate a record-high amount of energy, which was able to power light-speed engines for long-distance space traveling. With the power of the Paragon, in 10 years, humans could push for more space expeditions than 2500 years before. With the ability to power massive fleets, the United space force or USF organized several space crusades across the galaxy. Billions were eager to leave the overpopulated world and sought their future in the unknown. Countless thriving colonies were built across the universe.

With the discovery of vast riches and resources on the new worlds, private-sponsored crusades began to take shape. These private crusades create their separate sectors despite the USF opposing this action. The golden age of exploration continued for 1000 years until the governmentโ€™s Paragon reserve started to dwindle. Meanwhile, newly integrated colonies had a difficult time extracting this precious mineral; several crusades or settlements to the outer border mysteriously disappeared. USF unitized alternative supply from privateer-owned Paragon mines.

The War Arise

The downside of Paragon harvesting in large quantities is the environmental damage. Consequently, several fertile planets turned into dead worlds. Tension started when the privateers, led by the powerful Solheim sector, demanded compensation from the USF. This tension reached the breaking point when a tragic incident occurred. Solheimโ€™s governorโ€™s daughter, Mistress Fryd Solheim, was fatally wounded. The investigation suggested she was kidnaped and met her demise during an escape attempt. Mourning his precious daughterโ€™s tragic death, Lord Gustav rallied his infuriated allies for retribution against the USF. And then comes the inevitable. The human civil war occurred. The conflict resulted in a mutual loss for all participants. A large amount of Paragon and other resources were wasted. The devastation also erased all advanced Paragon mining facilities, thus suspending all further harvesting of such material. Unable to fuel their war fleets with the remaining Paragon reserve, all factions isolate themselves into few planets that they can reach.

The Dawn of the New Metaverse

Most of the habited and bloomed colonies now became barren wastelands. Scavengers or explorers, similar to their privateer ancestors, start to wander to such deadly worlds. They are willing to overcome hostile climate, brutal pirates, cosmic entities, and many challenges. These brave individuals seek fortune from the leftover Paragon, scattered around the war zone. This powerful mineral once again serves humanity as a recycled, cheaper, and less concentrated form name Pulvis.

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