Planet Sandbox has been extremely grateful for your consistent support. We want to honor and reward the supporters of our project and loyal holders of the $PSB token. Thatโ€™s why we have been working hard on a Staking Program and today, we excitedly announce the new model to you.

Details of $PSB Staking Program

Please note:

  • The APY is adjusted daily based on the on-chain staking rewards and the specific APY is subject to the page display on the day.

  • The start of your staking period (Value Date) will be counted from 7:00 AM UTC the next day.

  • About early redemption: Users can choose to unstake anytime. After choosing early redemption, the principal will be returned to your wallet, however you will not receive the distributed interest. Due to different global time zones, it may take 48โ€“72 hours to receive the tokens.

  • The pool will automatically close when reach the maximum capacity.


As demonstrated in the pool details, $PSB stakers will have many attractive benefits.

1. Enjoy a high APR of up to 32.46%.

2. Get whitelisted to buy PlanetSandbox Land NFTs! This exclusive benefit is granted to:

  • All stakers of the 180 days pool.

  • All stakers of the 365 days pool.

3. Be an early bird and share 2,000 $PSB! The 10 earliest stakers of every pool will earn 50 $PSB.

Note: This extra incentive will be rewarded at the end of your staking period. If you choose early redemption, this will be suspended.

How to Stake

Step 1: Join

Step 2: Connect your wallet

Step 3: Choose your staking pool you like

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