๐Ÿ’ฐTokens Ultities

Planet Sandbox is going to implement a dual token system: $PSB and $PULV. Itโ€™s a successful token design that has been used to significant effect by multiple successful projects, and we are confident that it will give our community the best value.


$PSB token inherently possesses several essential utility functions. Among its many properties, the most powerful one is that it can be seen as the governance token, the key for you to assist and direct the future of Planet Sandbox.

  • In-game transaction, Buy Legendary Boxes and exclusive NFT items.

  • Join Staking Program

  • Upgrade NFT items

  • Access Premium Features

  • Participate in DAOs

Note: $PSB max supply is 100M token


The second token is $PULV โ€” a BEP 20 BSC token. This $PULV is a game facilitator token and plays many crucial parts in-game.

  • Earn in-game activities

  • Buy normal or epic boxes

  • Upgrade items

  • Refill earn battle

Note: All in-game incentives will be in $PULV and NFTs.

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