D-app & Marketplace Function

All you need to know about the D-app & Marketplace Function.
Buy/Sell NFTs by $PSB or $PULV Users now can directly buy or sell their boxes on the Marketplace
  • To buy NFTs from our Marketplace, you need to own $PSB (listed on and Pancakeswap) or $PULV
  • For selling NFTs, you have more options. You can sell it in $PSB, $PULV
Purchase Mystery Boxes
There are three different levels of mystery boxes ( Normal Box, Epic Box, and Premium Box). Players will purchase mystery boxes directly on the Marketplace because this process is done on-chain.
The Normal, Epic boxes will be bought by $PULV, whereas to own Premium Box, users need to have an amount of $PSB. When opening Normal and Epic Boxes, players will have a chance to have Uncommon and Epic Items such as The Lady’s Handkerchief, Frontier Dawn, Viper’s Kiss, and other Uncommon and Common Champions. Meanwhile, Premium Boxes bring the opportunity for its owners to possess Legendary Items such as Eagle Eye Neon, Chiyo,...
Note: The higher rarity of mystery boxes, the higher chance for players to possess rare champions and weapons. Hence, players will have a better earning chance in-game, which depends on the strength statistic of NFT items.
Deposit/Withdraw NFTs
To be displayed in the "Inventory" section in-game, NFTs need to be deposited from the Marketplace. On the contrary, once players want to sell NFTs on the Marketplace, they need to withdraw NFTs from the game.