Object Properties

All the objects have a list of properties assigned to them and can be customized to change those properties for better items.

โ— HP stats (Building, Furniture, Landscape, Armor) - co-op only

โ—‹ Once an object HP reduces to 0, it will be disabled during the co-op session but will be restored once that session ends.

โ— Attack stat (Weapon) .

โ— Defend stat (Building, Furniture, Landscape, Armor) .

โ— User stat (Weapon, Furniture - interacting furniture only, Vehicle) - co-op only โ—‹ Once the number of uses reaches 0, the player cannot use the weapon/interact with the furniture/ vehicle until the co-op session is ended.

โ—‹ The Usage stat of the Vehicle Category will be stylized as fuel. It reduces over time while itโ€™s being used.

โ— Tradable or not. If an object is tradable, it can be sold/lent to other players. If not, it can only be used by the player. Once traded, the object is removed from the playerโ€™s inventory.

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