Object Categories

● The objects in the Buildings category are all types of buildings, as the name suggests. The player can get inside them via the door/ entrance of the building.
● By default, all buildings come with empty interiors.
● Objects in the Furniture category are furniture items that can be put inside/ outside the building.
● Furniture is mostly for vanity/ obstacle purposes, but some unique furniture can be interacted with and give special effects to the player inside the sandbox.
● Objects in the Landscape category are decorative items that can be put in a sandbox, but not in the building.
● Objects in the vehicles category cover all types of vehicles the player can get inside the game.
● They can be used to transport the player from one location to another.
● Vehicle types can be land transportation, air transportation, and water transportation; weapon⠀⠀Weapon ⠀⠀● Objects in the Weapon category are tools
● Objects in the Weapon category are tools the player can use to fight in a PVP game mode.
Melee Category
● Objects in the Armor category are the protective gears that the player can equip.
● Armor objects can be equipped to protect the wearer in a PVP game mode. They also serve as vanity items.
All the objects belonging to these categories can be customized to receive different properties.
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