The players can participate in pvp activities to earn loot boxes. Preset game modes: deathmatch, hunting prop, rescue hostage, capture the flag...

โ— Default Sandboxes: the players can join in those sandboxes to fight each other or fight as a team to earn loot boxes, which contain base objects and object parts.

โ—‹ These are preset sandboxes, created by the developers.

โ—‹ The players must pay a small fee in soft currency to enter and participate in the different game modes.

โ— Player-created Sandboxes

โ—‹ These are sandboxes created by the players.

โ—‹ Any player who wants to enter those sandboxes must pay a fee defined by the owner to enter it and participate in the activities inside.

โ— There are several ways to earn money from Sandboxes:

โ—‹ Beat other players and win their tokens or NFTs items based on Sandboxโ€™s rules. โ–  Winner will pay a small fee to the developers .

โ—‹ Win a sandbox activity to receive loot boxes, which contain objects that can be traded for tokens/ NFTs items.

โ—‹ Being a Sandbox's owner and collecting rent fees from other players who join that sandbox (without even being active in the game)

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